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ChromaTech WR: Premium Water-Resistant Emulsion

March 4, 2019

ChromaTech WR is Chromaline’s latest water-resistant pure photopolymer emulsion. It features dual cure technology built into a ready-to-use universal formula, which can be used with both plastisol AND water-based inks. ChromaTech WR is designed for textile screen printing offering superior durability to water based and discharge inks as well as the press cleaning solvents used when […]

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Chromaline Reps Go The Extra 1,000 Miles

March 1, 2019

As many of you know, Chromaline’s water-based products can be damaged from freezing temps and therefore not able to ship during certain months of the year. Freezable products from Chromaline include AccuInk, Blockout 750, Stencil Remover 285, TexTac II and all emulsions. Chromaline Customer Service Second To None When no carrier service was willing to […]

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ISS Long Beach & ThreadX Recap

February 20, 2019

That’s a wrap! Chromaline began 2019 with two events in southern California. In January, Chromaline was at ISS Long Beach, the industry’s leading and most advanced decorated apparel trade show and conference. Then in February, we attended THREADX, a conference designed specifically for Garment Decoration business owners and managers. Keep reading to learn more. ISS […]

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Epson P400 Printer Package Setup

January 20, 2019

The Epson P400 Printer Package by Chromaline is designed to deliver high-quality photopositives and photonegatives. Lower your cost-per-print by utilizing the P400’s ability to feed our compatible AccuJet rolls. Produce the deepest black prints by charging all 8 channels with Chromaline’s UV-blocking all black AccuInk set. All easily configured by the latest, FilmMaker v10 RIP […]

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Chromaline: Print With Confidence

January 5, 2019

Chromaline Screen Print Products has a rich history. Our customers and distributors are supported with decades of industry experience. The Chromaline tech reps have a combined total of over 200 years of screen printing experience and are available for hands-on support so that our customers can PRINT WITH CONFIDENCE. Today, Chromaline offers imaging solutions and […]

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Inkjet Printer vs. Laser Printer

December 1, 2018

We often get asked what printer is best to use, a laser or inkjet? Here are three advantages of making photopositives and photonegatives with inkjet printers over laser printers or thermal imagesetters. Equipment Cost Equipment cost is a lot lower with an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive, and typically cost a fraction of […]

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Storing Chromaline Products

November 12, 2018

Chromaline strives to provide our customers with the freshest possible products. When storing and rotating Chromaline products on your shelf, please take into consideration the characteristics of a product which could be degraded or influenced by storage conditions. Be sure to take appropriate measure in finding a proper solution. Use the oldest goods first Double-check […]

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Types of Screen Printing Applications

June 17, 2017

Screen printing is a popular method of applying images to substrates, or materials that are printed on. Although textile applications like t-shirts are the most common, screen printing can also be used on circuit boards, wood, glass, metal, ceramic and more. Popular Screen Printing Applications GLASS & CERAMIC Today, screen printing continues to play a […]

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The Inherently Degenerative Nature of Production Printing

August 24, 2016

One truism to remember in the printing industry is that the image reproduction process—from original to press, is an inevitably “corrosive” process. That is, even if one starts with the highest-resolution, digital, Ansel Adams photo, the quality of the image will be increasingly compromised as the number of “reprints” increases. As photos are translated into […]

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Coat Your Screen Just Enough

March 12, 2014

There is one question that I routinely get from novice screen makers that is almost impossible to answer to the satisfaction of the screen maker. That question is: “How thick should I coat my screen?” My stand-by answer is “As thick as you need it.” This isn’t exactly the answer they were looking for, but […]