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Tips For Coating Screens with MagiCote Scoop Coaters

Screen printing is an art form that demands precision, control, and high-quality tools. When it comes to applying direct emulsion coatings, having the right scoop coater can make all the difference in the world. Chromaline understands the needs of screen printers, which is why we offer the MagiCote Scoop Coaters to help elevate your screen printing game. Here are some pro tips to help you achieve flawless screen coatings using the MagiCote scoop coaters.

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Features that Set MagiCote Scoop Coaters Apart

1. Smooth and Consistent Coatings: The MagiCote scoop coater is engineered to deliver smooth and consistent direct emulsion coatings. Its precision-extruded anodized aluminum construction ensures longevity and prevents corrosion, allowing you to use stencil remover solutions without worry. With MagiCote, you can achieve impeccable coatings every time.

2. Dual-Edge Profiles: MagiCote scoop coaters come with dual-edge profiles, allowing you to adjust the amount of emulsion applied per stroke. This level of control enables you to achieve the optimal stencil thickness for precise ink control.

  • Sharp Edge: Ideal for higher mesh counts, creating thinner stencils, and achieving higher resolution prints.
  • Round Edge: Perfect for faster stencil buildup when printing bold artwork, high-density designs, or specialty prints. Also suitable for coarser mesh counts, reducing resistance against the mesh.

3. Protective Plastic Cover: Each MagiCote scoop coater includes a protective plastic cover. This cover ensures the longevity of your coater by safeguarding its edges when not in use, preserving its sharpness and effectiveness.

4. Custom Sizes: MagiCote Scoop Coaters are available in common screen printing sizes or custom sizes. Contact Chromaline or your nearest Chromaline distributor to order custom sizes.

Pro Tips for Mastering Screen Coating with MagiCote Scoop Coaters

1. Invest in Quality Tools: The edges of your scoop coater are pivotal to the quality of your final print. Any imperfections in the edges can lead to variations in the print. Trying to repair or smooth damaged edges is ineffective. Investing in a new scoop coater is essential for consistent and flawless coatings.

2. Two-Handed Technique: For the most even coatings both vertically and horizontally, use both hands to hold the scoop coater. This technique ensures better control, resulting in uniform emulsion application.

3. Take Your Time: Emulsions flow relatively slowly, so avoid rushing the coating process. Moving too quickly can trap air bubbles in the mesh openings, compromising the stencil quality. Typically, it takes 6 to 10 seconds to coat a textile frame from bottom to top for optimal results.

4. Final Coat from the Squeegee Side: Always perform a final coat from the squeegee side of the screen. This technique pushes the emulsion through to the print side, where the ink gasket is formed. A well-coated screen ensures a smooth ink flow and impeccable print quality.

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Achieving professional-grade screen prints starts with using the right tools. The MagiCote Scoop Coaters from Chromaline empower screen printers with the precision and control needed to create stunning prints every time. By following the pro tips and leveraging the unique features of MagiCote scoop coaters, you can elevate your screen printing projects to new heights of excellence.

Chromaline's line of premium screen printing emulsions and products stands out as the top choice for screen printers seeking exceptional results. If you have any further questions about how to coat screens or any of our Chromaline screen printing products, please contact us today.