Chromaline Video Gallery

Keep up to date with everything that is happening at Chromaline. We cover topics ranging from using an exposure calculator to applying film to using a scoop coater, and much more. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, contact one of our representatives today.


Inkjet Printer Setup

EPSON 1430 Installation

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist at Chromaline, shows how to install the Epson 1430 and prepare for printing.

P400 Printer Package Setup

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist, goes over how to setup the Epson P400.

Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Package Setup

This video goes over everything that comes in the Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Package by Chromaline and its setup. This package includes everything needed to produce high quality film positives and film negatives.

EPSON T3170x Installation

Kevin Kauth demonstrates how to install the Epson T3170x and prepare for printing.

Screen Preparation

How To Degrease A Screen

In this video Mick covers how to degrease your screen for screen printing and why it is important.

Degreasing Tips - Chroma/Clean

Emulsion Guru, Kevin Kauth, comes back around with some useful tips and demonstrates how to use Chroma/Clean to thoroughly clean a reclaimed screen. Make your screen look good as new!

ChromaFill Blockout

New video from EmulsionGuru on the simple and quick process of blocking out a screen using Chromaline’s ChromaFill Blockout.

Reclaim Your Screen

In this video Mick demonstrates how to reclaim your screen after screen printing.

Screen Reclaiming Tips

This video will demonstrate the screen reclaiming process using Chromaline's Chroma/Strip Reclaimer.

Coating & Drying Liquid Emulsions

How to Properly Sensitize Emulsion – Two Ways

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist at Chromaline, shows two ways to properly sensitize emulsion.

The Process

A quick video showing the coating process using CPTEX direct emulsion.

Hand Coating Screens

Watch and listen as Emulsion Guru, Kevin Kauth, offers intuitive tips to help broaden your screen printing skills.

How to Coat a Screen With Scoop Coater

Chromaline’s Applications Specialist, Mick Orr, demonstrates the proper method for applying emulsion to a screen using a scoop coater.

Drying Your Screen

When drying your screen for screen printing, it's important to follow these quick tips.


New quick tips demonstrating the process of sensitizing dual cure or straight diazo based emulsions.

5 Tips for Drying Your Screens

In this video, Mick discusses five tips for effectively drying your screens for screen printing.

Applying Capillary Films

How to Apply Quick Film

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist at Chromaline, shows how to apply Quick Film capillary film.

How to Apply Capillary Film Part I

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist at Chromaline, shows two ways to apply capillary film (Pro Cap 50, Roll Down Method).

How to Apply Capillary Film Part II

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist at Chromaline, shows two ways to apply capillary film (Pro Cap 50, Roll Down Method).

Capillary Film Application (Chromaline QuickFilm)

This is a quick video showing how quick, clean and easy the application process is using capillary films. In this video I demonstrate applying QuickFilm capillary film to a 110 meshed screen.

High Density Screens with Chromaline Super Phat Film

This video discusses Chromaline's High Density Super Phat Film and one method of the application process.

SuperPhat video

Chromaline’s Applications Training Specialist, Mick Orr, demonstrates three methods for how to properly use Super Phat.

Proper Exposure

Exposure Calculator

What is an Exposure Calculator?

This quick video demonstrates why screen printing professionals need an exposure calculator on hand when coating screen. Follow along with Kevin Kauth as he shows you exactly how to use one.

Dual Exposure Calculator Part 1: Step Test

Mick Orr, Applications Specialist at Chromaline, explains how to use the the new Chromaline Dual Exposure Calculator to do a step test.

Dual Exposure Calculator Part 2: Exposure Calculator

Mick Orr, Applications Specialist at Chromaline, explains how to use the the new Chromaline Dual Exposure Calculator to obtain the best results.

10 Step Exposure Guide (Step Wedge)

Learn how to use the 10-Step Exposure Guide, aka Step Wedge, a density filter used to control exposure times. This inexpensive little tool can save you lots of time, money, and energy by determining correct exposure times for screen making.

10 Step Exposure Guide (Step Wedge)

Finding the proper exposure time for your emulsion is crucial for optimal results. Individual exposure times will vary depending on the equipment, emulsion, mesh, coating techniques, and other shop conditions. Exposure tests must be performed on a regular basis to determine proper exposure times and to ensure your times haven’t changed based on screen room conditions. In this video Brian Mirsch with Chromaline shows how to use the 10-Step Exposure Guide from Chromaline to dial in exposure.


TexTac by Chromaline

This video discusses Chromaline's TexTac, a water based pallet adhesive, and its application process.

Prepare Emulsion for Disposal

National Sales Director, Marty Medvetz, shows you how to properly dispose of screen printing emulsion.


Quick Image Exposure Unit - features & how to operate

See what Emulsion Guru, Kevin Kauth, has to say about QuickImage LED Exposure Unit. He shows you all of the premium features and how to operate.

New and Improved ChromaLime

Mick Orr, Applications Training Specialist at Chromaline, compares ChromaLime against competitor products.

Aquatec GE Auto Developer

A quick video on some of the features of the Zentner Systems Aquatec GE Auto Developer with Chromaline's, Kevin Kauth.

Plotter Video

Amber Coughlin, Inside Sales Representative at Chromaline, demonstrates how to use Quick Film with the plotter.

Zentner CompactLine | Powertex

Powertex Group is a screen printing and embroidery shop located in Eau Claire, WI. They are a full-service branded merchandise supplier, specializing in providing high quality, cost-competitive custom products, as well as providing flexible, turn-key program services that help their customers make real life connections with their brand fans, employees, retail partners, and corporate stakeholders. They added the CompactLine Auto Reclaim to their screen room workflow in 2023...


Live Screen Making Q&A with Chromaline's Kevin Kauth

Kevin Kauth answers screen making questions live, during this Q&A session.

Live Screen Making Troubleshooting Q&A #2

Addressing YOUR questions on the screen making process, differences between types of emulsions, common screen problems and their common causes.

Live Emulsion and Screen Making Q&A #3

Answering any emulsion and screen making questions viewers may have!

LIVE Chromaline Screen Making and Emulsion Q&A #4

This is a live Q&A session where I'll answer viewers questions on emulsion and screen making. If you've ever struggled with a screen, exposure times, breakdown, reclaim, etc. this is the perfect time to dive into those topics.

Solid % vs EOM: Are Cheaper Emulsions Really Cheaper???

In this video Chromaline's Kevin Kauth discusses how the solid percentage of an emulsion affects your stencil thickness and what that means for you as a screen printer.

Top Textile Emulsions

This video discusses Chromaline's Top 5 textile emulsions, the differences between them, and why each might be perfect for your shop.

Expose & Develop Tips - Screen Printing

Quick tips about exposing and developing for screen printing.

Screen Making Seminar with Chromaline's Kevin Kauth

This is an online screen making seminar with Kevin Kauth from Chromaline Screen Print Products. In it he discusses the differences between various types of emulsions, proper screen making techniques, some of the common screen problems encountered, and the solutions to those problems.

Marty on The Print Life

Marty Medvetz, Domestic Sales Manager, discusses emulsion screen printing tips and tricks with Cam Earven from The Print Life.


Emulsion Remover Dried on Screen

In this video Mick shows in detail what happens when you let emulsion remover dry on your screen.

Is Your Screen Underexposed?

Learn this quick and easy "Mick Trick" to tell if your screen is underexposed.