Capillary Films for Screen Printing

Our capillary films are created by coating an even, smooth layer of direct emulsion onto rolls of clear polyester film. The coated film is then applied onto the screen mesh and smoothed against the surface of the mesh using a squeegee. This process allows you to know with certainty that you will achieve the desired stencil thickness for your print job. Using a capillary film creates consistency in your shop, which in turn leads to increased production and money saved. There are many benefits to using capillary film to create your screen printing stencil. Discover why Chromaline’s capillary films stand above the rest!

capillary films for screen printing

Benefits of Capillary Film for Screen Printing

Requires less space than direct emulsion
 Cleaner than coating with emulsion
 Consistency you can count on
 Save time and money
 Extremely easy to use