Economy Screen Printing Emulsions

Are you a beginner screen printer looking for a budget-friendly emulsion? Our line of Image Mate economy screen printing emulsions are the answer. If you are just starting out in screen printing, you need an emulsion that is both reliable and consistent. One day you will need a Chromaline premium emulsion to withstand thousands of impressions, but for today you just need to get the job done while on a tight budget. Since 2001, Image Mate emulsions have stayed true to their origins by offering solid performance at a reasonable price. Get started in screen printing today with our line of economy emulsions.

budget economy emulsions for screen printing

Economy Emulsion Recommendations

Desire faster exposure times and only work with plastisol inks? Try PC 701
Desire the ability to make HD stencils? Try PC 701
 Printing with water based inks? Try DZ 343 and/or PC 787
 Using aggressive inks like UV, enamel, and solvents? Try DC 565 and/or PC 787