Alpha Stencils & Substrates for Printed Electronics

Chromaline has developed a suite of stencil and substrate materials in response to the growth of the Printed Electronics industry. Our Printed Electronic substrates provide comprehensive solutions for the growing number of conductive ink technologies and the wide range of Printed Electronic applications. Learn more about how our collection of Alpha Stencils and Substrates can be utilized in the industry.  Click Here to view the Alpha Catalog.

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Alpha™ Stencils and Substrates

 A line of direct emulsions for high-resolution, micro-circuit printing down to 20-microns
 The highest resolution capillary film available—providing the most consistent results
 FlexTrace™ T15 flexible, stabilized PET substrate with ink-restriction technology

Chromaline’s suite of Printed Electronics materials are optimum for:

Printing Circuitry: solar cells, membrane switches, additive flex circuits, touch screens
Printing Graphics: membrane switch and touch screen overlays, PCB legend text
Printing Functional Layers: solder masks, EMI/RFI shielding, dielectric layers, adhesive

Your Printed Electronics Partner

Printed Electronics is an industry where quality demand is high and the function of the end product is imperative—typically failure is not an option.

Chromaline understands that stencil quality will ultimately affect printed electronic performance, and offers emulsions that will meet the critical requirements for this industry:

  • Product consistency for process control
  • On-press stability and durability
  • Precise ink deposit
  • High solvent and abrasion resistant formulations
  • Ability to resolve very fine features with razor sharp edges

Chromaline offers access to the most intuitive products and specialized formulations—providing a competitive edge for state-of-the-art applications.

Chromaline is ISO 9001 Certified

Alpha Product Selection Chart

Product Product Features Applications Downloads
FlexTrace™ T15
Alpha FlexTrace T15™ is a pre-stabilized, flexible PET substrate designed to restrict conductive ink spread for micro-circuit printing. Translucent, single-sided, 5-mil thickness substrate. Compatible with conductive inks for electronics. Optimum for printed electronics applications requiring precision circuit resolution or printing to target line widths (biosensors, et al). TDS
Direct Emulsions
Alpha E-20™ Alpha E-20™ is a dual-cure, extreme resolution emulsion designed to deliver fine line widths down to 20-microns when proper mesh types are used. Use with solvent or UV inks. Micro-resolution solvent-based conductive ink applications: front-side solar cell fingers, sensors, touch screen bus bars and transparent electrodes, membrane switch and additive flex circuitry. TDS
Alpha E-30™ Alpha E-30™ is a dual-cure emulsion designed for high-resolution images down to 25-microns. Compatible with solvent and UV-based inks for manufacturing conductive traces, overlays, membrane switches, nameplates/ industrial applications, PCB ledgers. TDS
kodak alpha chromaline

Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging and has served the imaging needs of numerous industries since the early 1900s. Kodak is the second oldest polyester producer in the world, manufacturing more than 75 different PET films from 4 mm to 7.5 mm in thickness and up to 56 inches wide. Their unique manufacturing process produces an exceptionally uniform, flexible, optically clear dual-sided material.