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Storing Chromaline Emulsions & Reading Lot Numbers

Chromaline strives to provide our customers with the freshest possible products. When storing and rotating Chromaline products on your shelf, please take into consideration the characteristics of a product which could be degraded or influenced by storage conditions. Be sure to take appropriate measure in finding a proper solution.

  • Use the oldest goods first
  • Double-check any warnings on the packaging or user’s guide
  • Proper rotation of the finished goods inventory is necessary
  • Products should be stored in a cool, dry area between 65ᵒF - 75ᵒF

Which Product Is Oldest?

In addition to proper product storage and care, it’s essential to understand Chromaline’s lot numbering system in order to use the oldest product first. It’s quite simple and we’re providing an array of tools to help you out.

  1. The first letter indicates the year the product was manufactured. For example: Q=2021, R=2021, S=2022, T=2023, U=2024, etc. (Note: The letter I and the letter O are skipped.)
  2. The next three digits indicate the day of the year. For example: 001=January 1, 152=June 1, 365=December 31
  3. All remaining digits are for internal use only.

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Contact Chromaline With Any Questions

Don’t hesitate to contact Chromaline directly with any questions. Call (800) 328-4261 or email us any time. We are here to help and support you!