Screen Printing Equipment & Tools

A screen printer is only as good as the tools they use. Having the right screen printing equipment and tools can make or break a shop. Starting with proper exposure is key and an exposure calculator is a screen printers best friend. Chromaline’s Exposure Calculator is an easy, user-friendly tool for the novice and the advanced screen maker. It eliminates miscalculated exposure time with three kinds of quality checks and was designed to help determine correct exposure time, print quality check and halftone tests.

We also offer large exposure units. A line of automated screen printing equipment, including auto emulsion coating machines, auto screen developing machines, and auto screen reclaiming machines is coming soon. If you are interested, please contact your Chromaline Sales Representative.

chromaline screen printing equipment and tools


Quick Image - LED Exposure Unit:  Tabletop unit for fast, uniform and high resolution exposures.