Meet The Sales Team at Chromaline

In its 65-plus year history, Chromaline Screen Print Products has evolved to take advantage of an ever-changing competitive environment. Meet the team behind the success.

chief operating officer ken hegman chromaline

Ken Hegman, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hegman joined the company in February 1999, beginning his employment in sales. In January, 2006, Hegman was promoted to Division Manager of the company’s IKONICS Imaging, Digital Texturing and MicroMachining businesses. In January 2011, Hegman was promoted to the position of National Sales Director, leading the company’s Chromaline Screen Print Products division. In April, 2013, Hegman was promoted to his present position of Vice President of Sales: North America where he oversees the company’s Chromaline Screen Print Products and IKONICS Imaging operations. Prior to his tenure at IKONICS, Hegman served as Sales Manager for Bloomington, MN-based Team Development Group.

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Phone: (218) 628-6434 x162

Domestic Sales Manager Marty Medvetz Chromaline

Marty Medvetz, Domestic Sales Manager

Marty Medvetz is Chromaline’s Technical Sales Representative for the Ohio valley region. Marty serves the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan (lower), and Ohio. Additionally, Marty serves Toronto, Ontario.Marty has a strong background in screen printing. Prior to Chromaline, Marty was Screen Graphics Division Manager at Franklin International where he directed the development, sales, and marketing of image mate™ products. With 10 years experience as an R&D Chemist, Marty formulated the photo emulsions, chemicals, and printable adhesives currently in the image mate™ line. This work allowed for a natural transition into providing hands-on technical support to customers globally.

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Cell: (740) 816-8087
Phone: (800) 328-4261 Ext. 255

Northeast Technical Sales Representative Art Dobie Chromaline

Art Dobie, Technical Sales Representative (Northeast)

Art is internationally recognized in screen-making technology and has a strong screen printing background. He is a graduate of the California University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Graphic Communication Technology.

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Cell: (908) 328-2670
Phone: (800) 328-4261

West Coast Technical Sales Representative John Bejar

John Bejar, Technical Sales Representative (West Coast)

John Bejar is Chromaline’s Technical Sales Representative for the west coast region. John serves the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Additionally, John serves Edmonton and Vancouver. John has extensive experience working with ink, mesh and equipment manufacturing domestic and internationally—including 10 years as a Senior Account Executive with Dynamesh, 18 years with Advance Process Supply and 5 years with Naz-Dar.

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Cell: (951) 526-6165
Phone: (800) 328-4261 Ext. 254
Fax: (218) 628-3245

South Central Technical Sales Representative Larry Tywater

Larry Tywater, Technical Sales Representative (South Central)

Larry Tywater is Chromaline’s Technical Sales Rep. for the southeastern region. Larry serves the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio (western), South Carolina, Tennessee (eastern), Virginia (southeast), West Virginia (southeast).Larry has a strong background in screen printing, particularly in prepress applications where he’s completed advanced seminars in UV curing, four-color process printing and screen preparation. Prior to Chromaline, Larry was a sales and technical representative for Nazdar Greensboro, NC.

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Cell: (336) 688-6583
Phone: (800) 328-4261 Ext. 253
Fax: (336) 869-2546

Midwest Region Technical Sales Representative Kevin Kauth Chromaline

Kevin Kauth, Technical Sales Representative (Midwest Region)

Kevin Kauth is Chromaline’s Technical Sales Representative for the Midwest region. Kevin serves the states of Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Northern Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Additionally, he serves Winnipeg, MB Canada.Kevin has a strong background in screen printing and graphic arts. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in Graphic Communications Management. Prior to Chromaline, Kevin was employed at SEFAR where he was an Applications Specialist in their Technical Service and Marketing Department. At SEFAR, he interfaced with clients doing technical training and process control and improvement. He also has a strong digital background which benefits our clients with outputting high-quality artwork for photopositives and photonegatives.

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Cell: (651) 769-5458
Phone: (800) 328-4261 Ext. 251

applications and training specialist mick orr chromaline

Mick Orr, Applications & Training Specialist (Canada)

Chromaline’s Technical Guru and Applications Training Specialist, Mick Orr, has over 35 years experience in the screen printing industry. His knowledge spans a wide range of applications including membrane switches, textiles, specialty graphics, and faceplates. If you are looking for insight on the wonderful world of screen making, check out some of Mick's articles.

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Cell: (218) 349-8190
Phone: (800) 328-4261 Ext. 148

inside sales specialist amber coughlin chromaline

Amber Coughlin, Inside Sales Specialist

Amber Coughlin is Chromaline’s Inside Sales Specialist.

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Phone: (800) 328-4261 Ext. 140