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Screen Making 101: Degrease Your Screen

March 21, 2023

To ensure the highest stencil quality, you need to start with a screen that is free of grease, oil and dirt. Chromaline’s new line of Integrated Screen Chemistry (iSC) chemicals includes three degreasers to choose from, but first let’s learn about how and why degreasing your screen is an important step in the screen making […]

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Difference in Emulsion Types

December 27, 2022

By: Kevin Kauth There are numerous differences between the many types of emulsions available. The three main types of emulsions are diazo, dual cure, and photopolymer. DIAZO Diazo based emulsion is a two part product consisting of unsensitized emulsion which gets sensitized when diazo is added in. Once sensitized it has a pot life of […]

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September 28, 2022

By: Martin Medvetz WRONG! There’s a lot of artistry and finesse that goes into making a great print, but there’s also physics and chemistry at its core.  Having visited many shops over the years, I’ve heard many fictional tales, mostly conceived from assumptions.  Here’s a list that could fill an episode of MythBusters, Screen Making […]

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Easy Screen Printing with Plotter Cutter

June 30, 2022

By: Amber Barton Chromaline’s Quick Film has an alternative application method, allowing you to eliminate both messy liquid emulsions and having to print film positives to achieve a pinhole-free, screen printing stencil. Using Silhouette, or similar software, create your line art design. In a light safe environment, prepare your plotter cutter to receive the Quick […]

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Humidity… It’s a Constant Battle

April 4, 2022

By: Kevin Kauth Humidity is a problem many screen printers battle; however, most do not fully understand how it affects their screens. Many want to blame the emulsion, but in most cases, it is their environment not the product causing their troubles. Emulsion is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the environment it is in. […]

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Harmonizing Mesh Count to Line Count

July 13, 2021

By: Art Dobie Harmonizing screen mesh count to halftone line count can limit the possibility for moire and influence achievable tonal range. Moiré is an optical interference pattern that appears when two or more incompatible image frequencies are overlayed on one another. A common source of moire patterns is an improper match between the mesh […]

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Tools For Successful Screen Printing

May 19, 2021

Every profession has its own set of tools. Surgeons work with scalpels, carpenters use hammers and screen printers use… well, screen printers use a whole slew of tools to ensure they are getting consistent results every time. Or at least they should be! Here is an inside look into the personal toolbox ofTechnical Sales , […]

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LED Exposure as seen by Larry Tywater

May 12, 2021

As a Technical Sales Representative for Chromaline, an emulsion manufacturer in the screen print industry, I get a lot of questions about newer LED exposure units. LED units are becoming the latest and greatest technology in screen exposure and there are several companies that are manufacturing them versus the traditional metal halide units. Multiple benefits […]

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Screen Making For Functional Printing Applications

April 20, 2021

Art Dobie discusses what it takes to make a screen for functional printing applications. This article by Art Dobie, published in Printing United Journal, covers everything you need to know about screen making for functional printing applications. >> Read Full Article

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Mick’s Technical Tips

March 9, 2021

Looking for insight on the wonderful world of screen making? Consult the writings Mick Orr. Mick has over 35 years of experience in the screen printing industry. In his 35+ years of experience, Mick Orr was Chromaline’s Technical Sales Representative for Canada. In addition, he was also Chromaline’s Technical Guru and Applications Training Specialist. His […]