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The Clean Thing

November 12, 2013

In the glamorous world of screen making many of the steps needed to make quality stencils is not really very glamorous at all. One of these steps is the mesh preparation known as degreasing. It may not seem to be very important but it is vital for high quality screens. This step will remove the […]

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Good Screen, Bad Screen

September 12, 2012

It isn’t really a matter of a good screen going bad, as much as a bad screen being used. Bad screens are just…bad. If allowed onto the press they affect print quality. Print quality is usually broken down into two areas: resolution and ink deposit. However, one area that is over-looked in many shops is […]

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Summer Time Humidity

August 24, 2012

Man, it’s humid! You know if you are hot and sweaty, chances are your screens are breaking down. Maybe your inkjet positive are sticking to the bottom of your screen after exposure and when you try to remove the positive the black stays on the screen. The screen will process ok, but the positive is […]

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Screen Printing Tools

August 9, 2011

So you got this job that requires a stencil thickness of 10 microns. How do you know if the stencil is going to work? Put your eye as close as possible to it? Scratch it with your fingernail? Just put it on the press an hope for the best? Screen Printing Tools Are Worth The […]

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The “10% When 80%” Rule

July 8, 2011

Finally! Summer is here. Warm weather, green grass, golf and fishing, and fun in the sun… as long as you are on vacation, that is. For a screen maker summer weather usually means more stencil problems. “Why so?” you ask. Summer weather, as nice as it is, also increases the humidity. Humidity can cause a […]

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Welcome To Our Blog

June 30, 2011

Welcome to our Chromaline blog! Our intent is to use this blog as way to communicate about our progress, our excitement, our successes, our frustration, and our trajectory toward changing the way screenprinting stencil products perform. We’re in the midst of building real momentum in the realm of product development and we realize that the […]