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Tools For Successful Screen Printing

ultimate screen printing tool kit

Every profession has its own set of tools. Surgeons work with scalpels, carpenters use hammers and screen printers use... well, screen printers use a whole slew of tools to ensure they are getting consistent results every time. Or at least they should be! Here is an inside look into the personal toolbox ofTechnical Sales , Kevin Kauth. He carries these items with him everywhere for troubleshooting common screen making and screen printing issues. Check out the list of useful items below that are a must for any screen printer to have in their tool box.*

*Chromaline does not carry all of these products. These are mere suggestions.

Suggested Screen Shop Tools:

Pre-focused Loupe: Reveal intricate details with a pre-focused dual lens loupe which allows for examination of objects close up, while the transparent acrylic base permits ambient light to illuminate your screen printed object for sharp, bright and crystal clear viewing.
 Chromaline Exposure Calculator: At least 90% of stencil failures can be traced back to exposure times. Eliminate miscalculated exposure times with the Chromaline Exposure Calculator, designed to help determine correct exposure time, print quality check and halftone tests.
 Exposure Test Strip: Chromaline's 10-Step Exposure Guide is a density filter used to control exposure times.
 Coating Thickness Gauge: There are a variety of gauges on the market to measure the thickness of your coating.  Fischer Technology is a popular choice to find compact handheld devices to suit your needs.
Tensometer/Tension Meter: Handheld tensometers are special devices  used to measure screen tension. Screen print shops can improve their production process by ensuring that screens are precisely and evenly stretched, reducing screen mesh slippage while improving coating and squeegee efficiency.
 Pocket Microscope: Carson Optical is a reliable source for quality and inexpensive microscopes.Generally, a 20-60x power pocket microscope can cover all of your bases to get a clear image and shed light on the finest screen detail.

A Word From The Experts

You can increase your efficiency, productivity, and eventually your bottom line by simply taking your screen printing game to the next level through measuring processes and keeping tabs on your results. Don't let sloppy habits waste time and money in your shop. Set yourself up for screen printing success by investing in the proper tools to keep your shop running smoothly.

If you have any further questions about the best tools to use in your screen printing shop, please contact the team at Chromaline Screen Print Products today or find a distributor in your area.