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Drying Inkjet Film When It’s Humid

July 8, 2019

In our last post we covered how to fight humidity using ChromaLime Premium Emulsion during the screen making process. But before you even get to making your stencil, do you notice that your positives seem a little damp or that they stick to bottom of the screen while exposing? Or maybe you can’t stack them […]

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Fight Humidity with ChromaLime

July 1, 2019

As summer starts to heat up and the humidity increases, your screen printing process can be affected. Chromaline’s premium screen print emulsion, ChromaLime, is designed to be tack-free in order to help eliminate sticking to inkjet films and exposure glass. Don’t remain STUCK with old emulsion technology, step up to ChromaLime and beat the humidity […]

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The “10% When 80%” Rule

July 8, 2011

Finally! Summer is here. Warm weather, green grass, golf and fishing, and fun in the sun… as long as you are on vacation, that is. For a screen maker summer weather usually means more stencil problems. “Why so?” you ask. Summer weather, as nice as it is, also increases the humidity. Humidity can cause a […]