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Fight Humidity with ChromaLime

As summer starts to heat up and the humidity increases, your screen printing process can be affected. Chromaline's premium screen print emulsion, ChromaLime, is designed to be tack-free in order to help eliminate sticking to inkjet films and exposure glass. Don’t remain STUCK with old emulsion technology, step up to ChromaLime and beat the humidity today.

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Benefits of ChromaLime Premium Screen Printing Emulsion

  • Formulated to fight humidity
  • 1+1 coating for proper EOM
  • Very fast exposing
  • Optimized for UV LED and traditional UV exposure systems
  • Lime color promotes thorough exposure
  • Improved resolution and definition
  • Optimal translucency for easy registration

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How To Stop A Positive From Sticking to Your Screen

If your shop has high humidity, chances are your screens are being affected. If your inkjet positive is sticking to the bottom of your screen after exposure try one or all of these suggestions:

  • Reduce the vacuum on your exposure unit. If it is set at 25 lbs. then reduce to 15 or 20 lbs.
  • Use printer’s talc or corn starch. Put it a cloth bag and lightly tap it onto the screen right before you attach the inkjet positive.
  • Get a good dehumidifier.
  • Completely dry both the inkjet positive and the screen before exposing.
  • This one may sound crazy, but it works. Use saran wrap or something similar between the screen and the inkjet positive. 1 or 2 mil polyethylene works even better.
  • Or simply use ChromaLime Pure Photopolymer Emulsion, formulated to fight humidity.

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If you have any further questions about screen printing in high humidity conditions, please contact the team at Chromaline Screen Print Products today.