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Kevin’s Screen Making
Tip of the Week

EOM (Emulsion Over Mesh) is an important factor when making screens. The correct stencil build will determine how sharp/clean your prints look and help meter ink coverage to a limited degree. Industry standard target is measuring between 10-20% but not everyone has access to a thickness gauge. If you can’t measure.. feel. Get handsy with your screens. You should be able to feel the edge of your artwork. If you can’t it’s a good sign it’s too thin. 

Emulsion Guru

Your home for all your emulsion and screen room tips and tricks.

Kevin Kauth has been in the screen printing community for over 20 years. After attending the University of Wisconsin – Stout in the Graphics Communications Management program, he started working for the mesh manufacturer, SEFAR, as their applications specialist. For the past 12 years has been the technical sales rep for the emulsion and film manufacturer, Chromaline, covering most of the western half of the US and Canada. He is active in the Apparel Decorator’s Committee for SGIA/Printing United and has given numerous emulsion and screen making seminars.

In screen making, multiple variables will influence your optimum exposure times.  By controlling what you can, you’ll make better screens.  To start, print out this Exposure Guide pdf. Then run step wedge or exposure calculator tests on each of your emulsion/mesh/coating combinations. List each combination with its optimum time in its own row on this Exposure Guide. You’ll then have a more optimum exposure time posted for anyone stepping-in to expose screens.

FREE Downloadable Quality Control / Exposure Time Guide. Click image to Download.

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