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Winter Is Coming: Stock Up On Freezable Screen Printing Products

stock up on screen printing emulsions before winter

Chromaline Screen Print Products is based in Duluth, Minnesota where summers are absolutely beautiful but we pay for it with our cold, long winters. Because Chromaline's water-based products can be damaged from freezing temperatures, we highly encourage you to stock up before winter arrives. Products categorized as non-freeze/thaw stable cannot ship during freezing temperatures.

Chromaline's Freezable Products for Screen Printing

Chromaline Screen Print Products will not ship freezable products when temperatures are below freezing. Chromaline reserves the right to delay or decline service based on weather conditions. We recommend stocking up on freezable products before November 11, 2019 to avoid any delays in shipment. Freezable screen printing products from Chromaline include the following water-based items.

Premium Screen Printing Emulsions

Chromaline Premium Emulsions

Chromaline branded premium emulsions are engineered and manufactured for outstanding performance and consistency. Don't let production slow down due to inferior supplies. Rely on Chromaline premium emulsions to deliver higher-quality images without re-makes so that you can Print With Confidence.

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budget economy emulsions for screen printing

ImageMate Economy Emulsions

If you are just starting out in screen printing, you need an emulsion that is both reliable and consistent. One day you'll need a Chromaline premium emulsion to withstand thousands of impressions, but for today you just need to get the job done while on a tight budget. Image Mate economy emulsions offer solid performance at a reasonable price.

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accuink inkjet ink high density black

AccuInk Inkjet Ink

Chromaline's AccuInk is a dye/water-based ink, specially formulated with UV-blocking technology to provide you with the highest image density with the least amount of ink. You'll experience lower print costs and easier stencil washout, compared to OEM inks. AccuInk is the perfect match for our Accu line of inkjet films.

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chroma block out 750 for screen printing

Chroma/Block Out 750

Chroma/Block Out 750 is a heavy-duty, water-soluble liquid blockout designed for use on all mesh sizes. Chroma/Block Out 750 offers excellent coverage as well as biodegradability, very low toxicity and zero VOCs. Product is very durable and suitable for long running jobs. Can be used in conjunction with plastisol, UV, vinyl, conventional, solvent-based inks and more.

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Chroma Stencil Remover 285 for screen printing

Chroma/Stencil Remover 285

Chroma/Stencil Remover 285 is a super concentrated liquid product formulated for the removal of all photosensitized emulsions. It is especially suitable for automatic systems. Make your dollars stretch by buying Chroma/Stencil Remover 285 concentrate and greatly reduce your cost compared to the ready-to-use solution.

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textac II adhesive for screen printing

TexTac II

TexTac II is a water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive specifically designed for fleece printing. With its greater tack strength it can maintain registration on difficult fabrics such as sweatshirts, towels, nylon, polyester, and other thick or smooth substrates. TexTac II also dries clear and the tack can be reactivated.

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Contact Chromaline Today

Chromaline sells an entire line of premium emulsions and economy emulsions for high quality stencils. If you have any further questions about our winter shipping stipulations, please contact the team at Chromaline Screen Print Products today or find a distributor in your area.