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TexTac Update: New Label, Same Great Product

textac label update

In 2006, IKONICS Corporation acquired the Image Mate brand of screen printing emulsions, chemicals and adhesives. Since the acquisition, those products continued to be labeled under the Image Mate brand to provide differentiation in marketing and distribution.

TexTac: New Label, Same Great Product!

Since the acquisition, TexTac and TexTac II pallet adhesives have been made available to both Chromaline and Image Mate distributors, due to their unique application. Today, these two products remain staples in the industry and will continue to be available to all our customers. Because of this, we are rebranding TexTac and TexTac II under the Chromaline family of products.

What is changing?
The labels and corresponding user guides are changing to reflect Chromaline branding. You can find the updated user guides by clicking here.

What is not changing?
The high-performance formula that our customers are accustomed to will NOT be changing.

When is it changing?
We estimate that the newly labeled product will begin to ship by mid-April.

Contact Chromaline With Any Questions

Please be assured that we have not changed the formulas of TexTac and TexTac II. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Chromaline directly. Call (800) 328-4261 or email us any time. We are here to help and support you!