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Chromaline: Print With Confidence

Chromaline Screen Print Products has a rich history. Our customers and distributors are supported with decades of industry experience. The Chromaline tech reps have a combined total of over 200 years of screen printing experience and are available for hands-on support so that our customers can PRINT WITH CONFIDENCE.

Today, Chromaline offers imaging solutions and imaging equipment based in screen printing, photochemistry, chemical etching and other imaging technologies. In its 65-plus year history, Chromaline Screen Print Products has evolved to take advantage of an ever-changing competitive environment. We strive to continually seek out technological leaders so that our customers can continue to print with confidence. Keep reading for a brief history of how we got here.

History of Chromaline Screen Print Products

chromaline history timeline

chromaline history timeline

What is now Chromaline Screen Print Products began in 1952 as Chroma-Glo, Inc., a screen printer of precision labels including metallic labels for customers such as Toro mowers and snowblowers.

In 1964 Chroma-Glo developed and patented a novel photo-chemical imaging process and product called Direct/Indirect photo stencil system, and began manufacturing and selling stencil supply products to other screen printers.

Chroma-Glo became The Chromaline Corporation in 1982 as the company sold its screen printing operation and concentrated resources on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of premium photo stencil products to the screen printing industry.

In 1986 Chromaline made a major commitment to international sales and established the foundation for a sales engine that is currently responsible for one-third of the company's sales.

The Chromaline Corporation became ISO 9001 certified in 1994. They were among the first in the industry to be certified. They were also the first company in any industry in Duluth, MN to be certified. Then in 2000 The Chromaline Corporation was listed on the NASDAQ SmallCap market under the CHML symbol.

In 2002 The Chromaline Corporation restructured into Chromaline Screen Print Products as a division of the newly formed parent company, IKONICS Corporation. The restructure recognized the company's reach beyond the traditional markets of screen printing and awards.

Fortune Small Business ranked IKONICS 57th on its list of 100 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies in 2005. This ranking was based on the earning growth, revenue growth and stock price of the previous three years.

Today, our customers and distributors are supported with decades of industry experience. Our technical reps have a combined total of over 200 years of screen printing experience, and are available for hands-on support for all our customers.

  • John Bejar, Technical Sales Representative (West Coast): 50 years
  • Art Dobie, Technical Sales Representative (Northeast): 30 years
  • Mick Orr, Applications & Training Specialist (Canada): 50 years
  • Aimee Peterson, Senior Chemist: 30 years
  • Larry Tywater, Technical Sales Representative (South Central): 20 years
  • Marty Medvetz, Domestic Sales Manager: 20 years
  • Kevin Kauth, Technical Sales Representative (Midwest Region): 18 years

Contact Chromaline With Any Questions

Don’t hesitate to contact Chromaline directly with any questions. Call (800) 328-4261 or email us any time. We are here to help and support you!