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Epson P400 Printer Package Setup

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The Epson P400 Printer Package by Chromaline is designed to deliver high-quality photopositives and photonegatives. Lower your cost-per-print by utilizing the P400’s ability to feed our compatible AccuJet rolls. Produce the deepest black prints by charging all 8 channels with Chromaline’s UV-blocking all black AccuInk set. All easily configured by the latest, FilmMaker v10 RIP software.

P400 Package includes:

  • EPSON P400 Printer (sheet-fed up to 13”x19” or roll-fed 13” wide)
  • FilmMaker v10 DTP+ Chromaline Edition Software*
  • Chromaline AccuInk P400 All Black Cartridge Set (Made in USA)
  • Chromaline AccuJet film, 13” x 75’ roll (Made in USA)
  • Live technical support from North America for 6 months

P400 Setup Video

Setup of the Epson P400 is easy. Click the button below to watch a video in which Mick takes you through the easy setup of the P400 printer and the FilmMaker RIP. Mick covers everything in the video including unboxing the printer, installing the ink cartridges, installing the roll of Accu film, setting up the RIP and printing a density test.

Contact Chromaline With Any Questions

When you purchase the Epson P400 Printer Package from Chromaline, we include live phone and web support from trained Chromaline & CadLink reps. Don’t hesitate to contact Chromaline directly with any questions. Call (800) 328-4261 or email us any time. We are here to help and support you!