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The Clean Thing

degreasing your screens with chroma clean

In the glamorous world of screen making many of the steps needed to make quality stencils is not really very glamorous at all. One of these steps is the mesh preparation known as degreasing. It may not seem to be very important but it is vital for high quality screens. This step will remove the contaminates that are on the screen.

Usually the contaminates consist of dust, lint and oils. It’s really the oils on the mesh that are the big concern. If the oils aren’t removed, the emulsion will be blocked from properly adhering to the mesh. Don’t skimp on a high quality degreaser, it’s not worth the risk. I recommend using Chroma/Clean degreaser on polyester and nylon mesh and Degreaser 260 for stainless Steel mesh. So get your “glam on” and degrease those dirty old greasy screens.

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