Screen Printing FAQ’s

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about screen printing. If you have a question that you don’t see below, contact one of our representatives today.

What is Stencil Profile vs. Print Quality?
Check out this detailed graphic for more information on stencil profile vs. print quality.
How do I read your lot numbers?
Example Lot # J27401
  • J - Year the product was manufactured: J=2015, K=2016, L=2017, M=2018, N=2019, etc.
  • 274 - Julian Date (day of the year) that the product was produced (274 represents October 1)
  • 01 - Internal Code Only
Please note that in addition to the lot number, diazo bottles also show an expiration date. ("Use by...") Click here to see a visual example on a bucket.
How can I tell if my screen is underexposed?
Touch the inside of the screen during washout. If the stencil is slimy or you get color on your finger, it is a sure bet that it is underexposed. Use an exposure calculator to determine your proper exposure calculator. For more information, watch these videos from Mick Orr about how to use an exposure calculator.

Dual Exposure Calculator Part 1: Step Test
Dual Exposure Calculator Part 2: Exposure Calculator
Why does my dual cure emulsion break down with water-based ink?
Many people in our industry believe the "dual" in dual cure means that this emulsion is resistant to both solvent and water-based inks. Although many dual cure emulsions are resistant to both inks, this statement is not correct. The "dual" in dual cure means that the emulsion uses two sensitizers. One is already in the emulsion before mixing, and the other is usually a Diazo that is added to the emulsion by the user. For example our UDC-HV dual cure emulsion is not recommended for water-based inks, but our UDC-2 and UDC-ACE are recommended for both water and solvent-based inks.
Where can I find distributors of your products?
Chromaline products are found through our world-wide network of distributor partners.
  • United States and Canada distributor list: click here
  • International distributor list: click here
Can I buy direct?
Yes! You can now buy Chromaline products direct online. Click here to shop our products.
Which stencil system is better, capillary film or direct emulsion?
They both work very well. What's important is what will work best for your application. Direct emulsions are generally more resistant to rough treatment due to abrasion and solvent resistance. Films will usually yield sharper line edge definition.